NSNYRE is a full service commercial tenant representation brokerage service concentrating on Manhattan Commercial office space leasing and focused on helping you find New York City office space.


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We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect New York City office space. NSNYRE is a premier tenant representation service in Manhattan which has placed thousands of tenants into commercial spaces all over Manhattan; and oversees hundreds of office space transactions per year in Manhattan, downtown manhattan, tribeca and SoHo to name a few commercial neighborhooods.

This site was created not to draw business to his firm, but rather, to bring transparency to a commercial Real Estate industry which has been lacking it for far too long in NYC.

Leasing space in manhattan need not be complicated, drawn out or dangerous for a company, this site should stand as a testament to clarify how leases work; cut through the legalese of leases and to finally qualify just what is market standard, and what any true tenant representation service should do for you.

And just like NSNYRE’s services, it’s all totally free!

So welcome to our site and please contact us with any questions which you would like to have addressed. If you’re in the middle of negotiations. We’re here to help other businesses.